REALTORS® Amy and Scott Grossman Helping Client During Difficult Time

Colorado Realtors Amy and Scott Grossman, of Madison & Company Properties, helps widow
secure a loan and transition to a new life.

REALTORS® Amy and Scott Grossman, of Madison & Company Properties, recently had a client whose husband passed away. Unfortunately, during this time, her step-children tried to take belongings from her and the home. As her husband had done everything, all of the money was tied up in the home and trying to move forward was challenging for her and left her vulnerable.

“We worked with her to confirm the locks on the house were changed, the house was properly in a trust that protected her, coordinated with her what was needed for packing, handyman, cleaning, carpet/linoleum install, moving things to storage, and a timeline for transition, which was adjusted several times throughout the process as needed,” said Scott.

Added Amy, “Since her money was tied up in the house, we had connections at a local bank to get her a HELOC loan to use a small amount of her equity to get her house in order for the market, and to cover the costs of her transition. When the house sold, she had enough to pay off the home loans, paid for the inspection items, and down payment on the new house, so her end result was a real success.”

The Grossman’s helped her figure out where she would go so she could get excited about a new life; it was in a 55+ community, where there are more people around, activities, etc. It took about six months working with this person to get the home on the market, because of her emotional state, as well as getting the home ready for the market and dealing with all the stuff in the house.

“The house went under contract quickly, and there were some inspection issues that we handled for her, and when it came time to sell and then close on the purchase of her new home, we were able to negotiate time after closing for her to move out and not feel pressured,” noted Scott.

Concluded Amy, “There were so many different issues here, most of which had to do with the basic real estate piece, but there was so much more with all the coordinating, scheduling, and also being just a person to talk through things with when times were tough. Now she is completely transitioned and downsized into her new space.”

About Amy and Scott Grossman, Madison & Company Properties, Grossman Dream Homes
Amy and Scott Grossman are Real Estate Transition Specialists®. Their expertise includes working with people in Downsizing or Upsizing Situations; Sellers simply moving to a new home locally or out of state, transitioning into a senior living type arrangement; Complex Real Estate Combinations — Sell then Buy, or Buy then Sell; Later in Life Transition — those looking for low maintenance, patio homes, retirement/active adult living age 55+ type communities; Estate/Probate, Trust, Conservatorships; and First Time, or First Time in a long time Home Buyers. For more information, please call 303-941-9436, or visit

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