REALTORS® Amy and Scott Grossman Discuss Home Selling Essentials

Colorado Realtors Amy and Scott Grossman, of Madison & Company Properties, educate sellers on how to ready a home for sale.


Realtors Amy and Scott Grossman, of Madison & Company Properties, are renowned real estate transition specialists who offer a free home evaluation on their website. “Every client we work with is in a different situation and stage of their life,” said Amy. “Sometimes we walk in and the place is 99% ready to put on the market, get photos, etc.”

Added Scott, “Many others need handyman work, getting the stuff/clutter figured out. We walk through the home, make notes and discuss options.”

There are many ways to get a home ready to sell. It depends on what the person’s real estate goals are. “If they have a home that is deteriorated, and they want to sell as is, we have investors/wholesale market for those situations — they are cash, quick close, owner can choose the closing date once they find a new home, leave what they don’t want behind, and have some time after closing to move out,” noted Amy.

Then there are people who have “as is” homes and want to expose it to the public market. The only way to get the most money for the home, in whatever condition it is in, is to be priced accordingly “on the market,” exposed to the public. “People who sell off-market often sell discounted, but what they gain from the situation is not something you can put a dollar amount on — flexibility, low stress, not have to fix up a distressed home, cash in hand to move, no hassle with buyers seeing the home, etc.,” stated Scott. “For those people who want to realize top dollar for their home, it might make sense to put money into the home to get more of a return on their investment when they go to sell.”

Sometimes homes don’t need anything and just go on the market, but most people need something. “If they have it under control, then we simply focus on the timeline and game plan for listing,” concluded Amy. “Sometimes people are ready to go right away, sometimes it’s months or a year down the road.”

About Amy and Scott Grossman, Madison & Company Properties, Grossman Dream Homes
Amy and Scott Grossman are Real Estate Transition Specialists®. Their expertise includes working with people in Downsizing or Rightsizing Situations; Sellers simply moving to a new home locally or out of state, transitioning into a senior living type arrangement; Complex Real Estate Combinations — Sell then Buy, or Buy then Sell; Later in Life Transition — those looking for low maintenance, patio homes, retirement/active adult living age 55+ type communities; Estate/Probate, Trust, Conservatorships; and First Time, or First Time in a long time Home Buyers. For more information, please call 303-941-9436, or visit

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