Donating to the Windsor Gardens Community During this Hard Time.

When the Grossman’s launched a drive to get face masks for Windsor Gardens residence, their assistant Mona who lives in the community stumbled on a group of women who were making them for the community.  We learned they needed materials to continue their efforts, but they had around 70 masks all cut and ready to be sewn but we’re short on seamstresses.  Amy learned thru social media outreach a group called Colorado Crafting for a Cause, and once contacted was connected to a person who donated their time to get them all sewn up.  But in addition donated another bunch of masks to the community.  This batch is about 140 total.  The Grossmans have donated to this organization to help continue their efforts and head forward.  If you would like to donate, contact Amy Grossman at 303-941-9436. 

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